The French Dreyfus Affair transposed into nuclear and inflicted to Tommaso Fronte


The underside of the centenary of the French Dreyfus affair.

Four rulings of the French Supreme Court (Cour de Cassation) cloak with legality several abusive plots wich compare with the Dreyfus Affair. This confirms that the French authorities keep the full capability to crack down an innocent man, deliberately , for some reason of their own.
Such machinations where implemented during the celebrations of the Dreyfus Affair and they challenge the very meaning of the national commemoration and the speeches addressed by prominent personalities. .
        Letter to the minister of Justice              



Saint Leu , 13 octobre 2006








The Criminal division of the French highest court (Court of Cassation) issued four rulings in contrast with the ruling which rehabilitated Alfred Dreyfus. They definitely convict a single individual, actually me, an engineer in charge of equipment designed to the highest nuclear safety requirements.

I was pressed to approve nonexistent documents and to cover up incidents in operating nuclear reactors … I refused and I was destroyed. Here are some sides of an astounding situation.

1) The four rulings fail to enforce the International Convention on Nuclear Safety (Vienn 1994). This Convention outlaws the supply of nuclear equipment with nonconforming safety file; ignoring the Convention supports a mafiaworth terrifing nuclear trade. The Court turned a blind eye.

2) The four rulings protect organizations which forge evidence and shelter ruthless people . I am their victim and even though I was not confined in Devil's Island like in the Dreyfus Affair , I face what organised mafia inflicts to opponents. The Court turned a blind eye.
The people's attention was carefully diverted from the four rulings[...] the President of France's highest Court [...] publicly blamed the miscarriage of justice agaist Alfred Dreyfus, a well known affair, but he obscured the four rulings agaist me, since my case is not notorious ; doing the opposite of what he tells , the Président has turned the centenary into a travesty of commemoration [...] This is a challenge against the national commemoration of the Dreyfus Affair and you, as acting Minister of the Justice , should take corrective actions

Tommaso Fronte