The French Dreyfus Affair transposed into nuclear and inflicted to Tommaso Fronte



The AREVA "Science and Ethics Commission"

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Professor Georges CHARPAK, Nobel Prize in Physics, is a member of the AREVA Science and Ethics Commission .

He was asked about the violations of safety rules, which is a strategic topic for nuclear operators.


Letter to the Professor Georges CHARPAK , Nobel Prize in Physics




Saint Leu , 16th march 2007





            Dear Sir,

The AREVA Corporation has included you in its own "Science and Ethic Commission " with the purpose of seeking the counsel of a prominent individual from the community.

Would you please explain which advises you have provided about the following two subjects which are nuclear safety related :



a) firing the personnel who is firm on professional obligations and doesn't support violations of nuclear safety rules ;



            b) supply of equipment without conforming safety files , for reactors in operating nuclear power plants.            



The above topics are a practice whose reality and seriousness have certainly deserved the members’ attention in the AREVA Science and Ethic Commission.

I thank you in advance for explaining how the problems were addressed.
Very truly yours

Tommaso Fronte