The French Dreyfus Affair transposed into nuclear and inflicted to Tommaso Fronte
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Saint Leu , 27th february 2008


Subject: case LINCOT Christian




                    Mister Président of the Republic            

Palais de l’Elysée
55, rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris




Mister President,


  On the last February the 25th I was summoned to get urgently to the bailiff’s office, concerning the «LINCOT Christian » case, in connection with the nuclear safety and AREVA. Mr LINCOT is an engineer at the IRSN (the French Institute of Radiation and Nuclear Safety).

  Too often the professional rules are transgressed despite of the risks. The worst may happen with AREVA, the French leading nuclear operator, whose breaches of safety rules are recorded in a report including over hundred pages.

  In this regard, I have appealed to the president of AREVA, Ms Anne LAUVERGEON ; in return the bailiff has been sent to seize my property.

  The bailiff's action comes after I discovered damning irregularities ad I reported them to fulfill professional and Quality Assurance requirements; the authorities have confirmed the reality of deviations from the rules for nuclear reactors, but they preferred to stifle the scandal; I refused to join the team of those who trespass the safety rules and I was fired ; I filed a legal action and I was denigrated. The methods against me compare with those of the Dreyfus affair and the court decisions make me fall prey to unscrupulous opponents.

  Against me, the bailiff searches around in the neighborhood to know where I live, he goes to the police office or pays a visit to my bank; nothing is too much to humiliate me... when the public force obeys blindly to ruthless people the barbarism reaches appalling levels; Ms Anne LAUVERGEON, AREVA’s boss, exhibits concern on ethics by gathering the best of civil society - Nobel Prize, academicians, scholars… but her attitude is flatly denied by how she behaves and by the harassment which eventually could overwhelm me.

  We should not wait for the accident and then ask - as recently in the bank Société Générale, six billions euro sunk -

    What is the boss doing?
    How regulatory bodies do perform ?

  I ask you these two questions, referred to AREVA, because AREVA is a state owned corporation and you as the President of the country, should mind about the actual implementation of the International Convention on Nuclear Safety (Vienna 1994), a law which imposes, among others, a safety culture.

  This safety culture is pushed aside; in the attempt to find some kind of way out, I asked the bailiff a delay in order for you to let know your answers to the above two questions . In the meantime,

  Would you , Mr. President, accept the expression of my consideration.

                                  T. Fronte