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     Murdering safety : where is the boss? how inspectors do perform?
    Letter to the President Nicolas Sarkozy                                
Regularly, abusive operations by powerful organizations generate accidents.
   -Where is the boss ?
   -How the inspectors do perform ?
These questions were asked to the president of France with regard to AREVA and Ms Anne LAUVERGEON, refering to luctrative practices and violations of the Quality Assurance and the International Convention for Nuclear Safety.
    The Slab of Argenteuil and the Riffraff.     Letter to the President Nicolas Sarkozy                                                                              
The President of FRANCE, during his visit on the Slab of Argenteuil, a difficult suburb of Paris, expressed the intent of «getting rid of the rabble ». In the case hereafter, the rabble is me, a jobless for more than ten years, condemned by four judgments confirmed by the Criminal section of the Supreme court .
THE AREVA "SCIENTIFIC AND ETHIC COMMITTEE ". Professor Georges CHARPAK, Nobel Price for Physics, is a member of the Scientific and Ethic committee for AREVA. He was asked about the violations of safety rules, which is a strategic topic for nuclear operators.