Regulate, Baby, Regulate.
By Daniel Stone - 2 April 2010
PA chief Lisa Jackson is taking on the president's next big challenge: climate change....

...Obama's openness to drilling and new nuclear plants, two things he at first opposed during his campaign, signals he's willing to make broad concessions to avoid such a showdown. "The president understands that EPA must follow the science and its legal obligations," says a White House official who spoke under the usual rules of anonymity....

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Comments by Tommaso Fronte.

bama's openness to drilling and new nuclear plants... signals he's willing to make broad concessions".
Energy compares to finance since both are vital to advanced societies ; regulating the energy industry will be as hard as preventing banking disasters.
Tommaso Fronte (
        For instance, legislation and regulations are already quite stringent for nuclear power, but a country like France where 80% of electricity is generated with nuclear plants has hammered out practices which promote profit and supply security beyond allowed risk limitations; when actual operations trespass the stated rules, complacent or forced silence covers the gap. As a senior design engineer I refrained from supporting damning practices and, as part of my professional obligations, I reported the safety lapses; investigations by nuclear regulators confirmed my reports and very dissuading punishments were inflicted ... on me; the only way left was filing legal challenges and this triggered more harassment actions against me ; four rulings, all of them against me, were issued by the French Supreme Court ; it's illegal but France is to nuclear energy what tax heavens are to finance, and despite legislation and regulations, equipment as per nuclear safety standards such as ASME III class 1 can be marketed and operated internationally without conforming regulatory requirements. Openness to new nuclear plants means worldwide openness .
Regulate, baby, regulate !

Tommaso Fronte



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