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Jonathan Fahey, 11.06.09, 10:20 AM EST
Forbes Asia Magazine dated November 16, 2009

E is trying to blast into the business of making nuclear reactor fuel with lasers...

... the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is reviewing GE's application to build a plant. A decision is expected in early 2012, and construction would take two years.

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Comments by Tommaso Fronte.


he presentation of a nuclear design to a national regulator should be a significant milestone, but the rate of rejections reflects a low level of commitment that operators should improve.
          Minimum requirements are frequently dissatisfied, as illustrated by the latest examples: October 15 , the NRC rejects the AP1000 (Westinghouse ) on grounds of poor structure design of the reactor building ; November 3 , Britsh , Finnish and French regulators " have all raised issues regarding the EPR (European Pressurized Reactor) around ensuring the adequacy of the safety systems , and their independence from the control systems " . Key parts of the design have been rejected and in the case of the EPR the criticism is late, because this reactor was initially scheduled to be on the grid this year and instead ... the I&C system is still a blue print. The-long awaited revival of the nuclear industry sparks concern about the reliability of the future plants and, along with the “disruptive technology” to go faster and cheaper, the operators should develop a safety culture and a comprehensive approach of the steps involved in the nuclear industry.
Tommaso Fronte.



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