Editorial: Vermont Yankee makes misstep in handling of new radiation find
- April 11st 2010
he last thing Vermont Yankee should be doing is to downplay new reports of radioactive material found in the ground on the plant's campus, especially when the concern is raised by a state health official ...

...The plant's public response so far to the discovery of cesium -- a material considerably more toxic than tritium -- hardly follows the script of "rebuilding your trust."

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Comments by Tommaso Fronte.

n France 80% of electricity is generated by nuclear plants and I can't imagine safety lapses publicly investigated and covered by the media .
      As a design engineer I refused to support damning practices and as part of my job I had to report the trenspassing of safety rules; the nuclear regulator confirmed my reports; immidiatly, very serious sanctions where inflicted only against me, the reporter; I filed a case and the Criminal Section of the French Supremme Court decied four rulings, all of them against me; it's illegal but no French media has never dedicated a single word to this event; equipment to the highest level of nuclear requirements(ASME III class 1)has been marketed internationnally without regular safety files; in France, editors sleep at the night simply because daily they turn a blind eye to the state-owned nuclear industry.

Tommaso Fronte



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