Don't buy Obama's greenwashing of nuclear power
By Erich Pica- 9 March 2010
ast month, inspectors found dangerous chemicals in the groundwater near the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor. The situation demonstrates that from the mining of uranium ore to the storage of radioactive waste, nuclear reactors remain as dirty, risky, and as costly as they ever were. If President Obama's recent enthusiasm for nuclear reactors has led you to believe otherwise, you've bought in to the administration's greenwashing of nuclear...

...In Maryland last month, President Obama told us the United States needs to build new nuclear reactors to keep up with France's nuclear investments. But France has had its own problems with radioactive waste contamination. The government has had to close down entire rivers because of leaks...

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Comments by Tommaso Fronte.

n France undercover damning practices are key to nuclear industry. This can be attractive for countries with poor rule of law standards.
For instance, I refused to support the supply of high grade safety equipment (ASME III class 1) for nuclear reactors without conforming files and , as part of my job , I reported the design flaws ; the inquiry ordered by the Minister in charge of the French nuclear regulator confirmed that safety breaches were serious and repeatedly enforced internationally . This was fatal to me : I was immediately fired and , as I filed a case , the Criminal section of the French supreme Court issued four rulings , all of them against me and only against me , the reporter of the safety breaches .

        In fact , the profit before safety approach benefits many people which wittingly or unwittingly bias the reports of non-conforming events to escape the responsibility in case of incident ; France is to nuclear industry what a tax haven is to financial markets.

Tommaso Fronte



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