Foreign-policy wisdom or folly
By Charlemane - March 31st 2010
ven if it spoke with one voice, how much would Europe really count?...

...Here are some unglamorous things that Europe can do to count in this new world. Stick to the rule of law: being predictable is a source of strength. Whether negotiating free-trade pacts, or the accession of such neighbours as Turkey, the EU bureaucracy is designed to keep making the same demands, over and over again. Foreign partners that comply know their rewards will be market access, entry to the EU and so on. Above all, stay rich: so Europe must find new sources of growth. It does not matter whether a declining Europe speaks with dozens of voices or one: nobody will listen.

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Comments by Tommaso Fronte.

tick to rule of law" sounds like an obvious commitment endorsed by EU countries , but actually it can't be taken for granted , including in projects managed by state-owned firms.
      As a senior design engineer I refused to step in irregular practices about nuclear reactors ; professional obligations forced me to report about violations of safety regulations ; I was immediatly punished ; the French national regulator confirmed my damning reports , but the only way left to me was to file a legal case ; at the end , the Criminal section of the French Supremme Court decided four rulings against me , and only against me , the reporter of nuclear safety lapses ; it’s just the opposite of rule of law and it dissuades other collegues from enforcing costly rules ; so , safety grade nuclear equipment can be marketed without regulatory requirements , internationnally. It’s not surprising that in Finland the project of the OLKILUOTO new nuclear reactor, the EPR, has been criticised by the nuclear regulator so much so that it is years late and its cost has reached unpredicted amounts. Is this wisdom or folly? Regardless of the number of voices stating the EU policy , a state-owned nuclear operator that breaches the rule of law kills the confidence inside and outside nations; it happens in EU and it's no mistery for member Governments .
Tommaso Fronte



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